About us

VenetiaLab is specialized in the manufacturing and selling of solid wood cigar humidors made in Italy by Italian craftsmen. We offer a handmade product which really feels like wood, with a unique grain created by nature and not the result of printing on paper.

Our quality

Our cigar humidors are internally lined with cedar wood for Caribbean cigars or oak wood for Tuscan cigars. These woods enhance the tobacco aroma and prevent mould formation. Their accurate manufacturing ensures an airtight seal, an essential condition for the correct functioning of the humidor..

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We are located in Treviso, a territory rich in ancient woods whose trees contributed to the construction of Venice, particularly the foundations which support its buildings and the powerful fleet which determined its greatness. It goes without saying that Venetia’s fine woodworking tradition is the only one of its kind in the world.

cartina della venetia lab