Abbocador - Fossil Wood

Our humidor is made of fossil wood originated from logs, mostly from oak trees, deposited on the river beds after prehistoric floods. A unique material, resulting from millenary subaqueous preservation that exalted the hardness and uniqueness of its grain.
Each found log is not only the raw material that allows the creation of very highly valued works, but most of all a piece of history of the land where it was caught. A rare testimony that has reached us. To understand the preservation process of this wood means to understand its value, rarity and importance.

Humidors made using valued oak wood from 2nd century A.D., passed down to us thanks to the extraordinary protection provided by sludge and peat, modifying its structure and donating it unique shades. Abbocador wood is dated using the Carbon 14C method by the Radiocarbon Laboratory of Università La Sapienza in Rome.


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Oak solid wood: Made in Italy with high-quality fossil oak, a unique wood in terms of colour and texture. Each product comes with a 14c carbon dating certificate determining its age.

Cedar interiors: Internally panelled with cedar wood that, with its particular scent, protects from tobacco parasites. With a high humidity absorption rate, it grants an environment that can prevent the formation of mould. It promotes the cigar ageing process.

Hermetic sealing: The accuracy of the woodworking grants hermetic sealing, an essential condition for the correct functioning of the humidor.

Humidification We use beads, the same device used in museums for the preservation of the works of art, due to the high humidity control characteristics that they can offer.

Accessories: PROTECH digital hygrometer.

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